precision ground round belt

Dimensions (WxDxH)
550 x 400 x 140 mm

35 kg

weight 18 kg, Ø 316 mm, height 90 mm.

Platter surface
planar polished crystal glass (recessed mounting)

Tonearm base
one base for the 12.1 tonearm with Anniversary engraving,
second base will be prepared for the customer’s choice of arm
(arm mountings available for virtually any tonearm),
easy and quick exchange and adjustments are provided via a collar system.

Included in delivery
2-arm turntable, 12.1 tonearm,
RöNt II tube power supply with selected NOS (original UK) Mullard tubes,
screw-down record clamp, solid state power supply for bearing heater, tools,
specifically developed HRS isolation base,
deluxe “Coffee Table Book” signed by Helmut Brinkmann, delivered in flight cases